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Biodiesel production from refined and acidic cotton seed oil by thermal transesterification

Stergios S. Pasias, Nikos K. Barakos and Nikos G. Papayannakos
6th Euro Fed Lipid Congress Oils, Fats and Lipids in the 3rd Millennium Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives. 7-10 September 2008, Hotel Intercontinental Athenaeum, Athens, Greece.

Most of the energy consumed today derives from fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and especially petroleum. The use of these sources contributes to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming urging the need upon using alternative renewable fuels for transport instead of fossil petroleum products. A promising biofuel, used very successfully the last years as a diesel substitute is biodiesel. Biodiesel is produced either through the transesterification of triglycerides, the basic constituents of vegetable oils and animal fats, or the esterification of free fatty acids with short chain alcohols, usually methanol or ethanol.





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